Save Your Altoona Home from Foreclosure

There are a lot of connotations associated with foreclosure cases: living beyond one’s means, out-of-control spending, financial irresponsibility, etc. While these can be contributing factors, we understand that there are many other reasons that people fall behind on their mortgages. Here at Marks Law Firm, we frequently serve clients from cities such as Altoona who have been suddenly laid off from work, have suffered financially-crippling medical conditions, or lose significant household income due to a death in the family or divorce. Sometimes, financial matters are out of your hands, and that’s when it’s time to contact Marks Law Firm.

For many Altoona residents, foreclosure simply isn’t an option. Your kids are enrolled in a local school. You have to live near your place of work. You have no place else to go. We understand that the last thing you want to do is pack up everything you own and relocate, so you need to consult professional guidance today! We frequently meet with Altoona homeowners who are worried about keeping their homes. We offer risk-free consultations to anyone in need of foreclosure defense, so don’t wait to call us! Attorney Sam Marks is one of the top foreclosure defense lawyers in the state. When the stakes are high, you want someone like Sam on your side. Still not convinced? Read more about Sam’s qualifications and experience.

If you live in Altoona and continue to have problems working with your mortgage company, contact us right away. Only Marks Law Firm can offer you top-notch foreclosure defense in central Iowa. We are ready to make your case our top priority, and our clients consistently walk away in a better place than they were before consulting us. You have nothing to lose by simply meeting with us, so call (515) 276-7211 today!

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