Bankruptcy Assistance for Ames Residents

Marks Law Firm has been a mainstay of the Des Moines community since the 1930s, and during that time we’ve become one of the most trusted bankruptcy law firms in central Iowa cities such as Ames. From our experiences, the people of Ames are hard-working and honest, and we’ve personally helped dozens Ames residents with their bankruptcy, foreclosure, and consumer protection cases for years.

Ames is home to Iowa State University, and is known around Iowa as an iconic college town. It’s also recognized as a great place to live as well, so many students end up staying in Ames past their collegiate days. But right now the job market is thin, and even college graduates are having a hard time finding employment. If you live in Ames and you’re buried in student loan debt, what can you do? Marks Law Firm is a place to turn for legal counsel and direction in your toughest financial times. No matter how bad your situation, be assured that Attorney Sam Marks has experience helping clients with similar troubles.

Maybe you don’t have student loan debt, but rather a mortgage you can’t pay or too many credit card bills. If you’re at least considering bankruptcy, it’s essential that you sit down and discuss your options with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer immediately. Filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 can be a time-sensitive matter, so there’s no reason to delay calling our office.

Our commitment is always toward our client’s best interests, whether they’re a block away or 40 minutes north in Ames. Our office is just a short drive away down I-35, so please consider us in your search for a bankruptcy lawyer. Our hours are flexible, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you in scheduling a consultation appointment. Call us today and get your life back in order!

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