Bankruptcy Legal Counsel for Ankeny Residents

If you live in Ankeny and have fallen upon difficult financial times, give Marks Law Firm a call today. Located just 10-15 minutes south of Ankeny in the heart of Des Moines, Marks Law Firm frequently counsels and guides Ankeny families and individuals toward a better financial future. If you have substantial debt and have considered bankruptcy, it behooves you to talk to one of the top bankruptcy law firms in all of central Iowa.

For years, Attorney Sam Marks has helped Iowans throughout the state with bankruptcy and foreclosure cases. In addition to Sam’s expertise, Attorney Ashley Zubal specializes in consumer protection – especially in cases of debt collection mistreatment. In all, Marks Law Firm is capable of helping you get your financial life back in order. Making decisions about bankruptcy can have multi-layered consequences, and frequently these decisions have no clear-cut answer or solution. It’s essential that you have the right people in your corner, and it’s essential that you discuss your situation with us.

From our experience, Ankeny residents simply want the best for their families. If you’re a parent and faced with the prospect of bankruptcy, you’re probably thinking about your children’s futures as much as your own. Will we be able to keep our house? Will I still be able to save for their college fund? Will I be able to cover my family’s basic living expenses? We’ve helped countless Ankeny families experiencing these exact concerns. Your family’s future is our first priority.

To learn more about our firm, read our pages on bankruptcy, foreclosure, and consumer protection. When you’re ready, give us a call to schedule a risk-free consultation. You can only benefit from having our legal team analyze your situation or case. Ankeny residents – you have a chance to turn your financial life around, so don’t delay!

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