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Many people who find themselves struggling with debt can qualify for relief under Iowa bankruptcy laws. Individuals may find a solution to their problems with either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Des Moines legal firm Marks Law specializes in both forms of bankruptcy.

To gain a better understanding of each type of bankruptcy, let’s begin by looking at what they have in common. Both types of bankruptcy:

  • Will stop garnishments and judgments.
  • Will NOT eliminate student loans, child support obligations or court fines.
  • Can help with tax debt (speak with an Iowa bankruptcy attorney for details).
  • Allow you to keep your home or car as long as you continue to make payments.
  • Have exemptions that allow most people to retain all of their assets.

There are differences, however.

To gain a better understanding of the differences between each type of bankruptcy, let’s look at the primary difference between them.

If a person has the ability to pay to their creditors some or all of their debt then the person probably qualifies for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Iowa, if a person doesn’t have the ability to pay their creditors anything then they probably qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

This rule is not set in stone but seems to be a solid guideline for people considering bankruptcy. In addition to the issue of qualifying for bankruptcy here are a few other differences:

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You will want to discuss your specific situation with an attorney to determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you.

Call or contact Marks Law Firm to set up a free, no obligation consultation. We’ll listen to your story, discuss your situation and help you to determine how you can best deal with your debt situation.

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