Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy

If you’re not sure if bankruptcy is right for you, try credit counseling.

You can meet with a credit counselor to review your monthly income and expenses.  You’ll try to create a budget and debt plan that meets your individual needs.  In some cases, credit counseling can provide you with a credible alternative to a bankruptcy filing.

If your credit counselor suggests that bankruptcy may be a more appropriate option for you, please call or contact us.  We can discuss your situation in greater detail and represent you through the bankruptcy filing process.

By meeting with a credit counselor, you will have met one of the requirements for filing bankruptcy established in 2005.  Congress changed the law in 2005 and no requires that all debtors must take a credit counseling course before they file for bankruptcy and a financial management course after filing.  You can’t file a bankruptcy petition until you’ve completed free pre-bankruptcy counseling and the court won’t discharge your debts until you’ve completed the financial management course.

While credit counseling can be a fantastic resource and an alternative to bankruptcy, you must take great care when using a third party to negotiation your debt.  A number of inferior “credit counselors” and scam agencies may take advantage of you.  Do careful research before giving anyone any of your money.

You can feel free to call or contact Marks Law Firm for a third party credit counseling referral.  We’re familiar with many credit counselors in Iowa and will be happy to point you in the right direction and to discuss your situation.  Consultations are completely free.

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