Bankruptcy Questionnaires

Many Iowa bankruptcy attorneys will have you fill out a massive questionnaire before they even talk to you.  We’ve seen some questionnaires that are more than 20 pages long!  We don’t do that for three reasons.

First, we believe the best way to help a client and to obtain all necessary information is by sitting down for a face to face meeting and listening to them.  Talking with you about your situation may provide us with insights we’d never get from a questionnaire.

Questionnaires are a tool to get information when you need to prepare forms.  They’re not a solution.  At Marks Law Firm, we don’t just fill out forms and we won’t make you spend all of your time filling in the blanks.

We want to talk to you and to find the best ways to help you with your problem.

Second, we’ve met with literally hundreds of people who have tried to fill out questionnaires for other attorneys.  They bring in these massive packages from other firms that amaze us.  When we ask them how long it took them to fill out the parts of the still-incomplete questionnaire, they often tell us it took as long as 20 hours.

What takes 20 hours for a client to do often takes us only a few hours–and we can do it completely and without error.  We’re bankruptcy professionals.  Our clients are people who are struggling with a high-stress situation and who aren’t experts in the field.  We feel that it’s our responsibility to do the work.

We value your time and understand your situation.  We know that we can do things the right way and make you life easier by doing the work for you.  You’ll be surprised by how much this can reduce your stress level.

(By the way, we do have a questionnaire.  It’s one page long and most of it involves circling easy “yes” or “no” questions.)

Finally, we don’t believe in making our clients fill out lengthy questionnaires because they often make mistakes or provide incorrect information.  That’s understandable.  Our clients aren’t bankruptcy attorney, after all.

Unintended and accidental errors in paperwork can create significant issues that may affect the outcome of a case.  Many attorneys will have you provide every shred of information.  They’re worried about protecting themselves from liability instead of working to get the best possible results for you.

We don’t take that approach.  We want to personally collect and record the necessary information to handle your bankruptcy.  We know that we can do a better job for you by being actively involved in your case instead of relying on you to complete forms for us.

If you don’t initially come to Marks Law Firm for you bankruptcy needs, please remember us.

When an attorney hands you a bulging packet for paperwork to fill out, think about the way we’d handle your case.  At that point, you can call or contact us for a free initial consultation.

You’ll be happy with the way we’ll treat you and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing a professional is handling your bankruptcy every step of the way.

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