I Already Have a Lawyer. Why Do I Need a Bankruptcy Attorney?

If you have mounting debts and no means by which to pay them, you probably have to file for bankruptcy. And if you’re filing for bankruptcy, you’re going to need a lawyer. Think you can do it yourself? It’s possible, but I strongly suggest you read a past blog post of ours detailing the difficulties and potential pitfalls of filing bankruptcy without a lawyer. Once you realize that competent legal representation is crucial to a successful bankruptcy, you need to find an attorney that you can trust. But trust alone isn’t the only qualification of a good bankruptcy lawyer.

Many people have one attorney that they consider “their lawyer.” Maybe it’s an uncle who gives you free legal advice, an old college friend who went to law school, or an attorney that has assisted you with legal matters in the past and has gained your trust. We understand that person is your lawyer, so it’s natural to go to him or her for advice and council. And it’s possible that this attorney is the right person to help you. If your regular attorney has specific expertise in bankruptcy law, then you needn’t find another lawyer. But if they practice and specialize in a different type of law, then it may be best that you forego your usual arrangement to find someone more specifically qualified to handle your case.

There are two main reasons why you need a lawyer with sound bankruptcy knowledge to handle your case. First of all, bankruptcy law is complicated and intricate. The best bankruptcy attorneys spend their whole lives delving into the nuances of the bankruptcy system, and they must diligently enlighten themselves on new laws and developments within their field. Someone with a textbook knowledge of Bankruptcy Code is an invaluable asset. The second reason you may need to find another lawyer for your bankruptcy case is that bankruptcy laws vary significantly between states. If your friend is a bankruptcy attorney in Colorado, they might not know enough about bankruptcy in Iowa to represent you to the best of their abilities.

No matter where you look to find an Iowa bankruptcy attorney – whether it’s online, in the phone book, etc. – you will find a long list of lawyers from which to choose. All of them meet the two criteria that I just discussed, so how do you make a decision? When basic qualifications level the playing field, you have to turn back to the issue of trust, and we guarantee there’s no one more worthy of your trust in Iowa than Attorney Sam Marks. For years, Sam has assisted countless Iowans in Des Moines and throughout the state successfully file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and turn their lives around. But you don’t have to take our word for it – call Marks Law Firm today arrange a free, no-risk consultation. Sam will meet with you any time to discuss your financial situation at no cost, and you’ll see why so many clients leave our office smiling.

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