Fair Debt Collection

Marks Law Firm represents its clients in many different types of consumer protection actions.  Primarily, we bring actions against creditors and third-party debt collection agencies when they violate the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Iowa Debt Collections Practices Act (IDCPA).

The FDCPA and the IDCPA give you a way to fight back against unfair, unethical and illegal bill collection tactics.

You may owe money, but that does NOT mean anyone has the right to harass you!

Debtors have rights.  Many times, creditors and collectors violate those rights.

If someone trying to collect a bill is harassing you, call us or contact us right away to set up a free consultation.

We can provide you with advice about how to protect rights.  We’ll also tell you how to handle the situation.

If a creditor or collection agency is violating your rights, you may have a legal cause of action.  Marks Law Firm files lawsuits against people and companies who violate our clients’ rights.

No person or company has the right to break the law–no matter how much money you owe or why you owe it.

One of the most basic rights you have is the ability to request a creditor or collector to cease communication with you.  If the company or collection agency continues to contact you after you provide them with notification, it will usually be a violation of your rights.

Under Iowa law, a creditor or collector can be forced to pay damages to you in an amount not less than $100.00 and up to $1,000.  When they violate your rights, they must pay you.  Unfair and abusive collection practices can also give you the grounds for additional action.

Call or contact Marks Law Firm today to discuss your situation.  We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation or phone conference.

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