Fair Debt Collection — What You Should Do

Attorney Ashley Zubal, Marks Law Firm
Attorney Ashley Zubal, Marks Law Firm

You may owe a debt, but you still have rights.  If you’re dealing with collectors who are making you uncomfortable or who are clearly engaging in inappropriate behavior, you can and should protect yourself.

Don’t be a victim of unfair, unethical and illegal collection activity.

Here’s what you should do:

Start by keeping a call log and by gathering information.  A call log should include the dates and times collectors are calling you, the name of the collector, their phone number and a brief summary of the conversation.

Call or contact Marks Law Firm to schedule a free consultation or phone conference to discuss your situation.  We can provide you with advice that is more detailed and discuss your options in the face of inappropriate collections activity.

Write down everything you remember about your communication with the collector including when you believe calls and letters began, representations made by the creditors to you or third parties, any dates, names or other details you can recall and any abusive or derogatory comments the collector may have made.  If there are witnesses to any of the activity, ask them to write a brief statement of what they recall, as well.  These don’t need to be formal statements.  You can jot them down on a piece of notepaper.  Note the names of any friends, family members or co-workers the collector may have contacted about your account.

Get as much information as you can.  If a third-party collector is involved, find out who the original creditor was.  Get names and extension numbers from the people who call you.  Save any and all voice messages left on your phone from the collector and any letters or statements they’re sending you.  You may want to tape record your conversations with the collector.

Collectors may have a legal right to collect the debt, but they don NOT have a right to break the law.

Attorney Ashley Zubal has filed more than 100 consumer protection cases and has helped to protect countless people from unfair and illegal debt collection efforts.  Call or contact Marks Law Firm to schedule a free consultation or phone conference with Ashley if you’re a victim of potentially illegal collections activity.

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