Notice of Foreclosure in Iowa

Among the many reasons it’s critical to consult a qualified attorney when facing the prospect of foreclosure, the most important one may be their knowledge of the Iowa legal system and its foreclosure-related components. While most people understand the general idea and concepts of foreclosure, few are actually aware of the specific timelines, rules, and stipulations that dictate the foreclosure process. If you are late on your mortgage payments and potentially face foreclosure, you need to know what you can do, what the foreclosing party can do, and exactly what the Iowa state foreclosure laws say. Attorney Sam Marks – based in Des Moines – has helped Iowans throughout the state with their foreclosure defense cases. If you think you will lose your house to foreclosure and don’t know where else to turn, your best bet may be scheduling a free consultation with Sam Marks. Call us today to arrange a meeting!

We strongly encourage anyone reading this post to discuss their situation in person or on the phone with an Iowa foreclosure lawyer sooner rather than later. While there is a lot of information floating around the Internet, the best way to fully understand your situation and your options is talking to a qualified foreclosure expert. That being said, there are some foreclosure laws – such as the “notice of foreclosure” letter – that are fairly straightforward. Here is a short explanation of what that letter means and when you can expect to receive it:

As I recently wrote in another post, your house is in danger of being foreclosed on once you miss three months of foreclosure payments. If you are a few months behind on your mortgage, you must take this simple fact into serious consideration. Although we stress that your situation is urgent, you won’t lose your home without warning. Iowa foreclosure law says that a foreclosing party must notify a homeowner at least 30 days before filing a foreclosure lawsuit. This letter is called a “notice of foreclosure,” and a homeowner has the right to catch up on their payments and completely stop any threat of foreclosure within those 30 days. For more on the notice of foreclosure and other Iowa foreclosure laws, read this short Iowa foreclosure law guide and call Marks Law Firm today.

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