April 2011


Many of our clients experience debt collection calls at their place of employment. This blog will discuss when a creditor or third party collection agency may contact you at work, when they may not, and most importantly what you can do about it!

Can a creditor or collection agency contact me at work?

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The Two Guarantees in Life: Taxes and Death

Income Taxes can be discharged in Bankruptcy! Now We are Working on Death.

It is easier to discharge income tax than it is student loans. I remember the first time I heard that income taxes were dischargeable in bankruptcy. It was 8:00 am on a Thursday morning and only about 20 of us showed up for the lecture. Apparently no one wanted to wake up early for a tax lecture. That particular lecture is one of the lectures that changed the way I practice bankruptcy law and may be the one lecture that has made the biggest difference in my practice. In order to discharge taxes in bankruptcy there are a couple of criteria that must be met.

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Closing the Door on Free Homes

On March 17, 2011, a news story was published about a couple from Ankeny that won a lawsuit for which the consequence was they got to own their home for close to no money due to a fluke in an Iowa law regarding their mortgage. This story caused many phone calls to our office and between our office and other attorneys in the area. The couple, Matt and Jamie Danielson, won their case fair and square in court, however, many feel that there were some questionable circumstances in the case that have created controversy all over Iowa.

Many news sources picked this story up, including but not limited to, the Des Moines Register, KCCI, and WHO. In addition, this story was carried by the National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees. Each source reported the story slightly differently, and many new details have come out since the initial stories. As with any case, fact patterns are merely situational, but the following are the facts that we understand as of now:

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Bankruptcy Signings

It is extremely important that when you come in for your bankruptcy signing you have all the information requested with you or have provided it ahead of time. The information required will vary from client to client, but the three most important items needed for ALL bankruptcy signings are:

  1. The last 6 months of paystubs
  2. Credit counseling certificate(s)
  3. The last two years of tax returns (if you filed them)

If, for some reason, you do not have the required information ready for your bankruptcy signing, then please call to reschedule your appointment. This will save both our time and yours from being wasted, as we cannot do the signing without the required information.

KEY NOTE please review the paperwork you have prepared to bring us prior to coming to make sure you do in fact have the correct information.

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