January 2011


2010 Federal and State Tax Refund: You may use your 2010 tax refund to pay your bankruptcy fee. You may also use your refund for any personal or household use (Ex: rent, mortgage, car payment, utilities, clothes for the kids, etc.). Remember (!), you MAY NOT pay any family members or friends back loans one year prior to filing your bankruptcy. The court considers this prejudicing one creditor over another. Also, if you anticipate a decent refund please keep receipts of what you spend the money on or make sure your bank account is reflecting payments or purchases. Once you file, the trustee assigned to your case will request bank statements during the time the tax refund was received. Also, remember that each person filing may only have $1,000 or less in a bank account or on hand on the date of filing. With that said, take the necessary steps to file 2010 taxes so we may help you move forward with your bankruptcy filing. Please contact our office with any questions.
Follow-up Appointments: We want to hear from you. If you have not been in for an appointment for a month or two, please call and schedule a follow-up appointment. Also, please contact the office periodically to inform us of your progress. Please do not hesitate to contact us whether by phone, email, or appointment, to discuss any questions or concerns you are having. It is important to schedule an appointment especially if we are getting close to filing in order to update our information. Please always inform us if there is a change of address or telephone number.
Creditors: You have retained Marks Law Firm as your attorney. This means in part that you should be giving your creditors our name and number when they call and request that they call us and cease contacting you. If they ask for your case number, explain that you will not have a case number until you file. It is a violation of Iowa debt collection law for creditors to contact you after attorney information is given or if you attempt to provide the information and they refuse it. Please keep a call log of your calls and calls from creditors. If you think a creditor is harassing you or violating debt collection law, contact attorney Ashley Zubal immediately. Creditors have to pay your attorney fees and you damages if they are found to have violated debt collection law. Please visit our website: www.markslawdm.com for more information on how to handle debt collector and creditor harassment and what behavior constitutes a violation of state and federal law. We do not tolerate collection harassment.

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