June 2011


Within 24 hours of your bankruptcy filing our office will receive the date and time of your 341 Hearing. Our office will then mail you a letter with that date and time along with the location and where to park as well as any information you will need to provide for the hearing (note that some trustees ask for this information one week prior to the date of your hearing). This letter contains a lot of important information and it is imperative that you thoroughly read and keep this letter until after your 341 Hearing. Failing to show up to your 341 Hearing can cost you in additional attorney’s fees as well as having your case dismissed without a discharge! THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY!

I’m Being Garnished, Can You Help Me?

I’m Being Garnished, Can You Help Me?

One day you go to work and find that your paycheck is being garnished for a debt that you owe.  This is something that we see on a regular basis.  In addition to all of life’s problems you now are worried about how you are going to pay your mortgage, electric bill, or even buy food.  When people are experiencing the described problems associated with having a wage garnishment, normally the first question they ask is, “can you help make it stop?”  The staff at Marks Law Firm has the experience necessary to help you in stopping wage garnishments

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How Will I Know the Bank is Ready to Foreclose on My House?

You’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments and you just don’t know if you’ll be able to get caught up. So now, along with all of life’s other pressures, you have a frightening question hanging over your head: How will I know when the bank is ready to foreclose on my house?

The good news is, foreclosure is not a quick process. There are several steps that lenders go through before ultimately moving to foreclose on your home. We’ll take a look at each of these steps here, in the order that they most typically occur. If you have experienced any of the following events or received any of the letters mentioned below you, should seriously consider contacting Marks Law Firm now and letting us put our foreclosure defense system to work for you.

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Can Bankruptcy Help With Medical Bills?

The cost of medical care continues to rise and the inevitable result for countless individuals and families is financial ruin. Despite all the talk of sweeping changes in legislation and universal health care for all, there is currently little or no relief for many of these people. Fortunately, there is a way to get out from underneath crushing medical debt.

In nearly all cases, filing bankruptcy will eliminate medical debt. When deciding if bankruptcy is the best way to deal with your medical bills, timing is the most crucial element.  Since medical issues are unique to each person, the best advice is to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation with an attorney at Marks Law Firm.

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