May 2011


If you have to cancel an appointment, please give our office a 24 hour notice if possible. That way if someone else needs to come in that time slot is available to them. Please note that three (3) no show appointments, could result in the loss of being able to have late night and weekend appointments.


Clients are always concerned with mistakes that they may make or can otherwise negatively impact the outcome of their bankruptcy case.  Many times the consequences of making certain mistakes can lead to a loss of property, a loss of a discharge, or in the extreme possible criminal prosecution.  This article addresses some main mistakes that can cause big problems in your bankruptcy case.  If you have questions regarding your debts or your rights as a debtor, seek legal action before doing anything further.  The best course of action if you have committed any of these “sins” is to come in and meet with your attorney.

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Payday loans continue to be a huge hassle for anyone that has taken one out.  Once you take out a payday loan, you can find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle.  This article describes a little bit about payday loans and the cycle of payday loans.  This article goes on to explain how you should handle these loan companies if you should find yourself caught up in this mess.

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