Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney in Marshalltown?

Marshalltown, Iowa is a beautiful medium-sized Iowa town located just an hour northeast of Des Moines. We’ve had the opportunity to help Marshalltown residents for years, and hope that we can continue to be a presence for good in the Marshalltown community. Because we’re located in Des Moines, however, many people in Marshalltown may not think to call us when they’re faced with bankruptcy or foreclosure issues. They might think that it would be too difficult or too much of a hassle to work with a firm that’s over an hour away. Our goal, however, is to overcome the physical distance between by going out of our way to provide excellent legal counsel and service. We’re not just a Des Moines firm – we’re a resource for all central Iowans.

Attorneys Sam Marks and Ashley Zubel lead a talented team at Marks Law Firm. Sam has counseled Iowans for decades on bankruptcy and foreclosure defense. Ashley’s expertise is in consumer protection, protecting clients from illegal debt collection practices. In all, Marks Law Firm is the place to turn when you’re faced with tough financial circumstances. If you are considering bankruptcy or feel like you’re buried under mountains of debt, you need to discuss your options with a qualified professional. For Marshalltown residents, the place to turn is Marks Law Firm.

So give us a call today. We know the distance between Marks Law Firm and Marshalltown is significant, so we’ll be as flexible as possible when scheduling a consultation. We’re prepared to take your case and make it our top priority, as we’ve been doing for Iowans throughout the state for years. If you want to stop searching the Internet for answers and talk to one of the best lawyers in the state, contact us right now!

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