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CONSUMER PROTECTIONIf you have been facing predatory credit collectors, unforgiving landlords or unrelenting insurance providers, you need Jake Kerns and Sam Marks on your side. Give us a call for a free consultation and the best results.

Consumer Protection Lawyers, Des Moines, Iowa | Marks Law Firm

Just because you owe them money does not mean that creditors and collection agencies have the right to harass you. This is where consumer protection laws and attorneys can help. Marks Law Firm will fight for your rights and protect you from predatory collection practices. We will mobilize state and federal laws to your advantage and leverage our power as attorneys to find you relief.

Marks Law Firm is expert recommended as one of the Top 3 consumer protection lawyers in Des Moines, Iowa.

Contact us to schedule a completely free initial consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys to discuss your options and take back control from your creditors.

For Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Consumer Protection, please click here.

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I Offer Free Consultation On Phone
(515) 276-7211

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