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  • By: Samuel Marks, Esq.
  • Published: June 15, 2022
How to File Bankruptcy in Osceola, Iowa

Osceola, Iowa is a quaint town in Clarke County only 35 miles south of Des Moines with a beautiful historic downtown. Its residents take pride in their community and Marks Law Firm has been helping them with questions and concerns about bankruptcy for over 20 years.

If you find yourself knee-deep in debt, you deserve to know that you are not in the minority. Each year, thousands of Iowans just like you and I end up with crippling debt and the need to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Resetting your financial life is not as hard as you think. Once you can come to terms with the “b” word, the actual process of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is simple with the help of our experienced attorneys.

Step 1: Schedule a free consultation with our office. For your convenience, we offer both in-person and telephonic consultations. Call our office at (515) 276-7211 to find the best solution for you.

Step 2: Based on your individual case, we will make a list of documents we need from you and actions for you to take to get ready to file for bankruptcy. The documents are common (paystubs, bank statements, etc) and usually the only action required is taking your mandatory Debtors Education course online.

Step 3: We file your bankruptcy! Once the bankruptcy is filed an automatic stay goes into place and creditors are barred from collection activity. This means no more non-stop phone calls!

Step 4: Attend your 341 meeting approximately a month after you file. This is a 10 –15 minute meeting with your trustee where you are asked questions to affirm that the information in your filing is true and correct and complete. We are with you the entire time! You can also choose if you want to attend this meeting telephonically.

Step 5: You get your discharge! The 60 days following your 341 meeting are usually very quiet. You will take a follow-up Debtors Education course and follow through with the things you learned to live a healthier financial life. Other than that, for most of our clients, it’s simply a waiting game until the discharge papers arrive! Once your old debt is discharged, you are done. It is really that easy to reset your financial health and start with a much more solid foundation.

When it is all said and done, our Osceola clients usually regret waiting so long to get their life back on track! Don’t wait – start with Step 1 and call us at
(515) 276-7211 and schedule your free consultation!

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